About us

We are a multidisciplinary business positioned to coordinate all your Facility Management related services, including operational, infrastructure support and security.

Bestvest Group

We aim to ensure the integration of people, systems, places, processes, and technology. Founded on the 10th of January 2015 with the key investment strategy to anchor operating partner model which enables us to add operational value to every transaction that we partake in.

Bestvest Group has the following business strategy:

  • To acquire significant stakes in companies which fall within specific sectors of the economy.
  • To acquire companies where we can deploy our combined business skills to grow the business.
  • To acquire companies that have significant growth potential where we can utilize skills to lift the growth projectile of the company.
  • To introduce black operating skills into target companies as co-investor with Bestvest Group.

Our History

BESTVEST GROUP operates in the spheres of mergers and acquisitions and financing and assisting enterprises by applying its financial engineering and strategic insight expertise to such enterprises.

•January: 2015 Founders develop Bestvest Group business concept.
•February: Business Plan finalised.
•March: Strategic equity partner discussions commenced with various partners.

Metropolitan Office park, Blog G, 1st Floor, 82 Wessel Road, Rivonia, 2128 Rivonia, 2128

(+27) 087 153 6259

info@bestvest.co.za www.bestvest.co.za

Total Number of Employees: 800 (Employment equity compliant) Primary Line of Business: Facility Management