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Welcome to Bestvest Group

We are a multidisciplinary business positioned to coordinate all your Facility Management related services, including operational, infrastructure support and security.

We aim to ensure the integration of people, systems, places, processes, and technology. Founded on the 10th of January 2015 with the key investment strategy to anchor operating partner model which enables Bestvest Group to add operational value to every transaction that we partake in.


Our Vision and Mission

Even as we Bestvest Group continue to grow, we ensure that our core values never change. This belief resonates strongly and is supported by each member of our team. Ensuring that our promise of personalised, high quality service solutions is brought to you, no matter your sector or business size. Our purpose is to deliver the best quality service to our customers and maintain the highest levels of service delivery at a lowest possible cost.

Our Core Values

Our values represent what we stand for as a corporate citizen, a business partner and an employer is to get things done. We believe in excellence in every aspect of our business. Our professional achievements have proven time and time and again. We know that reaching the top is not very easy and we will not reach it by being an island. Team work and passion for what we do has proven to us that we are a master piece.

•pro-active delivery

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Total Number of Employees: 800 (Employment equity compliant) Primary Line of Business: Facility Management